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Nemaloni patirtis siuntinėjant CV padėjo atrasti sėkmingą įdarbinimo platformą

An unpleasant experience of sending CVs helped discover a successful recruitment platform


Kristina Kašėtaitė started looking for a job in the autumn of 2020. She would send her CVs to employers, but she wouldn’t receive any answers. The woman felt that this process was becoming unpleasant – the chances of finding a job were growing smaller.

“Trying to find a job through standard platforms was extremely time consuming. There were lots of adverts, but not all of them had salaries specified or raised doubts about the requirements. I would send out CVs and would not receive any feedback, I was losing motivation by the day”, – said Kristina.

She said openly that she was tired of sending out CVs and writing cover letters. Nor was it motivating that out of all the letters sent to employers, only one received a reply.

So when Kristina saw an advert for NO-CV while browsing the Internet, she was intrigued by the idea that it didn’t require a CV and the profile could be completed in just one minute. She downloaded the free app and signed up.

“I immediately received two job offers that suited me. Interestingly, I was explaining something to my son on the computer at the time I saw them. I was holding my phone with the app open, and he bumped my hand, so I accidentally pressed “Apply”. When the app sent me a reminder that I hadn’t completed the employer questionnaire, it was only then that I sat down and looked at the job advert,” she said.

This turned out to be the job offer she received via the NO-CV platform. Kristina joked that it was her son’s lucky hand that got her this job.

“When I filled in the questionnaire, I received a message from my employer on the app. After a short chat, we agreed to an interview. The first interview was a virtual one and the second time we met in person. We discussed the terms and conditions, and I signed the contract. Everything happened very quickly. That’s what I liked the most. I received targeted job offers, applied and succeeded,” said Kristina.

When she hears that someone around her is looking for a job, she makes sure to recommend that they try NO-CV as well. The app is free and easy to register on, so job-seekers save time and get only the job adverts that are relevant to them, straight to their phone.

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