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Kaip Leonardas da Vinčis darbo ieškojo

How Leonardo da Vinci searched for a job


The CV is thought to have originated from a letter by Leonardo da Vinci, painter, architect, scientist and engineer, to Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan.

He briefly introduced himself and made some very clear points on how he could be useful. Most of the letter was devoted to presenting his military inventions, but Leonardo da Vinci also mentioned his artistic talents, which would be useful during times of peace.

His presentation was successful, and this talented artist was invited to work in Milan. Leonardo da Vinci spent 17 years in the household of L. Sforza.

This letter has survived to this day. In fact, it has similarities to the current cover letters and CVs, which we send to employers. The only difference is that we no longer write them by hand.

More than 500 years later, the principle of job searching has remained almost unchanged. But could there be more effective ways to present yourself to an employer in the 21st century?

The NO-CV platform was born out of the need to save time, both for the job-seeker and the employer. Can you get a job without a usual CV?

Employers in the times of Leonardo da Vinci may have had time to read letters, but now when information flows are so high, why not entrust the whole process to intelligent algorithms?

What matters most when looking for a job? For the interests and needs of the employee and the employer to coincide. Can this process be automated? Of course!

“It was great to find a job so quickly and easily. Applying through NO-CV is much easier and bolder because it does not require you to write a CV. When looking for a job, the personal qualities of a person are also important, but they are rarely reflected in a CV. I think it’s much more appropriate to start the acquaintance with a future employer without using a CV”, – said Liepa.

If such a talented and versatile man like Leonardo da Vinci was looking for a job today, he would hardly waste time writing a traditional CV.

How to make it easier? Download the NO-CV app, fill in your profile by ticking the boxes next to the relevant statements and follow the job offers. And if you find the right one — apply.

The NO-CV platform also saves employers time. Algorithms do the initial work, eliminating the need to physically sort and select the most suitable candidates yourself. Communication with potential employees takes place here and now, using the platform’s messaging feature.

Could it be any simpler?