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Search for employees with NO-CV: less formalities, more precision


TELTONIKA IoT GROUP was searching for sales managers to join the team at Teltonika Networks in Kaunas and Vilnius.

Gintarė Ainytė, Human Resources Manager at TELTONIKA IoT GROUP, gives answers to 5 questions about the experience with NO-CV:

1. From your perspective as the employer, how did the search for employees work?

The process was quite unusual because there were no CVs of the candidates. It was algorithms, prepared according to our preferred criteria, and answers to questions about education, work experience, and language skills that helped us to evaluate the candidate profiles.

We immediately contacted candidates who met our expectations by sending them a message via the NO-CV system, and then we further communicated with the candidates by phone or via the MS Teams platform to arrange interviews with them.

2How much time did the search for an employee take from the moment the ad was created, until recruitment?

We managed to select the employee within 15 days. When the candidate, whom we chose, completed his work at his previous workplace, we recruited him immediately.

3. What did you personally like about using the platform?

Using the platform, I liked the fact that candidates were evaluated in a simple way – did they have the required skills or meet the requirements. The candidates communicated simply, were interested in the whole thing, and they could be reached at any time.

4. How did NO-CV compare to your previous experiences and methods of searching for employees?

Compared to conventional platforms, on which CVs are sent and a cover letter is attached, NO-CV platform turned out to be less formal. There is a common goal that unites a candidate and an employer. On the platform, you switch immediately to topical issues, so communication is more accurate and less formal. You can focus on a talent search according to the requirements that are set for the particular position, and the profile of the candidate, and then the initial evaluation is done by the system, and, in this way, time is saved.

5. How do you rate this way of searching for employees? Would you recommend NO-CV to others?

I would recommend NO-CV platform to other people because the candidate’s skills are evaluated first. So, candidates focus on how to disclose these skills in the best way, rather than on how to prepare an attractive CV or to write a structurally perfect cover letter. Communication on the platform is simple, immediate and focused on a common goal. Thus, both sides are interested and active.