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Pirmoji įdarbinta NO-CV vartotoja džiaugiasi nauju darbu

The first NO-CV user to be hired is happy with her new job


Liepa Popescu was planning to return to the labour market after her maternity leave, so she started looking at job adverts. This woman, who graduated in the social sciences, also wanted a change in her profession – she was drawn to IT.

By the end of 2020, she had sent several CVs to employers, but had not received any job offers. One day, while browsing on Facebook, Liepa noticed an ad that caught her eye. In order to be eligible, Liepa had to download the NO-CV app.

Although she had never heard of this platform before, she decided to give it a try. Within minutes of filling in her profile, she found an advert she liked and applied. Shortly afterwards, she received further questions from her employer.

“After I answered them, I was contacted by a human resources specialist and we arranged an interview. I liked the fact that we communicated directly, via the messaging feature, so we were able to work out all the details much quicker than if we had communicated via e-mail,” said Liepa.

When comparing the traditional job search when sending a CV and her experience with NO-CV, she found that the new method was more successful.

“In my case, the field of work I wanted to try out was not reflected in my CV, and that was a disadvantage when looking for a job in a traditional way. Therefore, when I applied through NO-CV, it was helpful that the employer saw my answers to the specific questions related to the job, rather than the big picture,” she says.

She did it with NO-CV. Liepa got a job in the IT field just as she wanted.

“It was great to find a job so quickly and easily. Applying through NO-CV is much easier and bolder because it does not require you to write a CV. When looking for a job, the personal qualities of a person are also important, but they are rarely reflected in a CV. I think it’s much more appropriate to start the acquaintance with a future employer without using a CV”, – said Liepa.

This strategy has been particularly useful to her. She is satisfied with her work. She says she has not made a mistake in choosing a new field, because it is interesting, and she learns new things every day. When asked if she would recommend the free NO-CV app to others looking for a job, without a doubt, she answered: “Definitely!”