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Sīkdatņu politika



  1. The data controller UAB NO-CV uses cookies (and similar technologies) on its website, which are automatically placed in the browsers or devices of data subjects browsing the website if such a function is activated in their browser settings.
  2. The data manager uses only necessary cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website.
  3. Specific cookies, their functions and storage terms are indicated in the table below.
  4. Data subjects browsing the website of the data controller cannot voluntarily choose to agree or disagree with the use of necessary cookies through the settings of their browser or device. In their website settings, data subjects can choose which cookies the browser downloads. There they can also delete any existing cookies that are stored on the browser or device.
  5. The following cookies are used on the Company’s website:

Cookie name


Validity period


Determines whether the device accepts cookies

Until the end of the session


This cookie allows making changes to the website in real time



 Saves the user’s cookie consent/disagreement selection

2 years


Used to identify whether the user’s browser allows cookies

1 day

  1. The policy is reviewed once a calendar year at the initiative of the data controller and/or upon changes to legal acts regulating the processing of personal data.
  2. The policy and its amendments take effect from the date of their approval.
  3. The last revision of the Policy was carried out in 9 November 2021.